Unique Gifts for Classic Car Lovers

Unique Gifts for Classic Car Lovers

December 19, 2019

It’s no secret that most car enthusiasts enjoy displaying their passion for all things automotive. From calendars and clocks to accent furniture, many classic car lovers incorporate that interest into everything from the clothes they wear to their home décor.

If you’re shopping for gifts for a classic car lover, the hardest part might be finding something that they don’t already have. Here’s some classic car-themed gift ideas that will delight any auto enthusiast.

Cuff links that celebrate the need for speed

Your classic car-loving friend loves displaying their devotion to their preferred automaker or car parts distributor. If you really want to help them wear their passion on their sleeve, surprise them with a pair of cufflinks shaped like a classic car or a speedometer. Today’s speedometers might be digital displays, but vintage car lovers can appreciate this blast from the past.

An engine-themed ensemble

Gift them something fun to wear to the next collectors’ meetup — and encourage them to bring their little one along for the adventure. A set of comfortable T-shirts emblazoned with large line drawings of engines makes a fun gift for a grown-up classic car enthusiast and their young car collector in training. Available in adult and child sizes bearing big and small block engines, these gray, raglan-style shirts with navy sleeves are the perfect gifts for a car fan’s wardrobe. In addition to looking great, these shirts help keep future drivers safe — all proceeds are donated to provide car seats to families in need.

Fast and fantastic furniture

If you have a muscle car fan who also happens to enjoy a round or two of pool, a  billiards table may be the gift to end all gifts. Look for a regulation-size table that’s actually molded from a real collector’s car. Some models available include the 1959 Chevy Corvette, 1965 Ford Mustang, 1969 Camaro and Shelby GT 350.  Everything that people love about each car is meticulously reproduced, from the gleaming grilles with their iconic headlights to details that might include full-size whitewall tires with steel rims and chrome covers.

They don’t make engines like they used to, and any classic car lover can remind you that yesteryear’s engines were works of art. They can display that art in an imaginative way with a metallic silver engine block coffee table. Made from a cast iron block with pistons and heads permanently attached, this unique addition to any game room, den or man cave is topped with a piece of tempered glass to make a stunning coffee table. Custom colors are available, too.

The beloved 1969 Dodge Charger is a favorite of many classic car lovers. A hand-painted, bright red resin wall shelf brings the car inside for an eye-catching addition that makes a useful gift for classic car lovers. Hand-painted and topped with a tempered glass shelf, it brings a bit of muscle (car) to any room.

Accessories with a touch of class

Transport your classic car collector back to the good old days with a set of driving gloves, a driving cap or even a pair of leather driving moccasins. Caps come in a wide range of fabrics and colors to suit your recipient’s style, and Nappa lambskin gloves provide great grip on a classic car’s steering wheel. Look for driving moccasins with thick, grippy sole nubs to provide traction on pedals.

A creative crate

Classic cars require some extra TLC, but the ritual of caring for them is almost as fun as driving them. Put together a gift crate filled with supplies that help your recipient care for a vintage car. Start with special automotive soap and a washing mitt that’s designed to be gentle on automotive finishes. Include a soft microfiber towel, clay bar and tire dressing for a well-rounded gift basket. Finish things off with a monogrammed keyring.

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