Pro tips for dealing with auto theft

It can feel like a real-life nightmare when you discover your car is not where you parked it. It’s important to keep a clear head and consider whether something else happened.

  • Was it parked illegally and towed away?
  • If you’re behind on payments, was it repossessed?
  • Call the police to find out if it was impounded or claimed by a creditor. If it wasn’t, immediately report the vehicle as stolen. Keep in mind that vehicles with tracking devices may help police recover your car.
  • Finally, contact your insurance company right away to file a car theft claim.

Anti-theft discounts

Some insurers offer discounts for vehicles with manual and passive alarms or tracking devices. You may even earn a discount if your car’s vehicle identification number is engraved on the window or door glass. Progressive offers an anti-theft discount in some states. The qualifications will vary by state and may require comprehensive coverage.