Cheap car insurance

Cheap car insurance

May 01, 2020

Wondering how you can get a more affordable rate for car insurance? Getting cheaper auto insurance is straightforward — if you know which dials to turn. We’ll show you a few basic ways you can lower the cost of your auto insurance, whether you’re quoting a new policy or updating your current one.

How can I get car insurance for cheap?

There are several ways to potentially lower the price of your car insurance. Some are as simple as driving responsibly, while others require tinkering with your policy to find a balance between cost and coverages. The list below will steer you in the right direction for buying cheap auto insurance that also fits your needs.

1. Shop around once your driving record improves

Your driving history is arguably one of the most significant factors in determining your insurance cost. Fortunately, events like accidents and violations usually fall off your motor vehicle report after a few years, making your car insurance more affordable.

For instance, a moving violation typically affects your driving record for three to five years. A great time to shop for new car insurance is when an accident or ticket has recently fallen off your driving record. The same goes for an at-fault accident, which will also typically affect your rate for three to five years (but can vary by state and carrier). In addition, most insurance carriers offer more savings for being ticket- and accident-free.

2. Review or adjust your coverages as appropriate

One way to get cheaper car insurance is to customize your quote, selecting only the coverages and limits you need. The biggest savings, however, come from dropping comprehensive and/or collision coverage. While your vehicle will no longer be protected against physical damage, it may not be worth paying for comprehensive and collision coverage if your car is paid off and worth less than a few thousand dollars. 

3. Increase your deductible

The higher the deductible, the lower your rate. If you’re looking to bring down the cost of car insurance and don’t mind paying more out of pocket in the event of an accident, your auto insurer will typically let you increase your deductible. You can increase your deductible at any time during the life of your policy.

4. Earn a multi-policy discount (and more)

Some insurers offer discounts for bundling your car insurance with other policies. For example, if you have home, motorcycle, RV, or boat insurance with us, you’ll get a multi-policy discount on your auto policy. Depending on the state you live in, you could also earn other discounts, like:

  • Homeowner: Have a place to call your own? You’ll get a discount simply for being a homeowner, even if you’re not insured through Progressive.
  • E-signature: All you have to do is sign your documents online to earn this discount.
  • Multi-car: You can get a lower price on your auto insurance just for having two cars on the same policy.
  • Pay in full: You’ll earn another discount when you pay for your six-month policy upfront.
  • Automatic card payment: Prefer to pay for your policy as you go? No problem, we’ll give you a discount simply for setting up automatic payments. Just note that you can’t combine discounts for automatic payments and paying in full.

5. Remove drivers or vehicles from your policy

You might have a roommate or family member on your policy who no longer drives your vehicles, or maybe you have a vehicle on your policy that’s no longer being driven. Making sure driver and vehicle information is up to date may save you money. Keep in mind that if you do go down to just one car on your policy, you’ll lose your multi-car discount.

6. Compare rates

The best way to find the cheapest auto insurance is to compare prices. At Stansell Agency, we save you the legwork by shopping with multiple carriers, such as Progressive, Nationwide, Travelers, and more. 

7. Ask about usage-based insurance programs

Many carriers have programs that personalize your rate based on your actual driving. Some have plug-in devices or cell phone apps that track your driving behavior and reward safe drivers with big savings. 

Contact us today- we are happy to help you find you a great rate!